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2018 Agenda

MINERS & INVESTORS DIRECTORY - A comprehensive directory of LatAm mining opportunities

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2018 Agenda

Commodity and Industry Outlook

Making sense of today’s world: How are metals prices being impacted by a combination of global growth and macro volatility? 

  • The return of the US economy as a player in the fortunes of the metals sector: Will Trump’s repatriation of US dollars boost the industry? 
  • How are new industries like blockchain/cryptocurrencies and cannabis developing and what does this mean for mining investment flows globally?
  • How accurate is the assessment that the world economy will continue to grow, given ongoing political and macro challenges? 
  • Frank Holmes, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer, US Global Investors

Assessing the political landscape of Latin America and what this means for the mining industry

  • Corruption scandals in Peru, Brazil and beyond: Understanding the ramifications and impact on confidence and investment appetite on the local mining sector, on local economies, and industries related to mining. 
  • What has been the outcome of election results in Chile, Colombia and Mexico? 
  • Following the mid-term elections, what is next for Macri’s government in the mining sector? 
  • What are the knock-on effects of the changes seen in Ecuador’s mining ministry? 
  • How relevant are the federal elections to the development of the mining industry in any particular jurisdiction? Are local politics and community activism the real drivers? 
  • Martin Valdes, Managing Director, Head of Latin America, Resource Capital Funds
  • John Price, Managing Director, Americas Market Intelligence 
  • Alfonso Montero, Chief Investment Officer, Credicorp Capital

Precious Metals Outlook and Review

  • The link between commodity prices and the financial markets (bonds, equities, FX) 
  • Interest rates and the strength of USD – what is next for gold prices?

Feeding the bulls: How will copper projects in Latin America attract investment and new buyers?

  • Sustaining and increasing copper prices: Can this be achieved as new projects come online? Which projects in Latin America will impact this shift? 
  • Bigger deposits vs. smaller but higher grade: What are the benefits for the two types of projects and what type of financiers will they attract? 
  • Private debt and equity investors: Where are these funds and what are they looking for when it comes to copper? 
  • How are the local mid-tier and major miners assessing copper projects and will they continue to seek acquisitions? 
  • How can copper projects manage costs amid inflationary pressures that often accompany a high copper price environment to provide returns for investors?

Ignacio del Rio, Managing Partner, Mineria Activa*

Focus on Battery Metals

Understanding the hype: Why has lithium, cobalt and nickel demand grown and is it set to continue?

  • What is the supply/demand outlook for the next investment cycle for EV metals? Any oversupply risk?
  • Beyond EV metals: what is the potential impact on copper demand? Is it significant?
  • The global driver for electric vehicles: What does the market share for EV look like in the next 30 years? 
  • Clean and consumer technology: Understanding what other drivers will increase demand and the timeline of this demand. 
  • What countries are going to take advantage of lithium, cobalt, nickel and copper demand related to EV? 
  • Keith Spence, President and Partner, Global Mining Capital

Lithium and Latin America: What is the potential for the exploration, development and production?

  •  Mapping the assets in Latin America: Where are the deposits and who are the big players?
  • What are the expectations for M&A activity in lithium across Latin America? Are the Majors interested? 
  • Who are the junior miners and where are their projects? Will there be more juniors in this space?
  • What interest do international and regional retail investors have in the Latin America battery metals sector? 
  • A closer look at lithium: What are the pros and cons of hard rock vs. brine assets? What is the potential of the lithium triangle? 
  • Is the development of lithium projects outside of Latin America likely to have a significant impact on Latin America projects? 
  • What do investors think about lithium deposits in Latin America that are usually over valued due to the recent high expectations?

Investment and Financing Strategies for Mining Companies

An overview of the funding options available for exploration projects in South America

  • Which jurisdictions have seen positive exploration trends and which are lagging behind? 
  • Majors vs. mid-tiers vs. Juniors vs. Prospectors: Who has been most active? 
  • Private vs. public, debt vs. equity: How are different types of capital being accessed by explorers and is this going to evolve? 

Joe Mazumdar, Co-Editor, Exploration Insights

Funds vs. Banks vs. Royalty/vs. new sources of capital: Competitors or partners?

  • How are metals and mining teams within banks adapting to a competitive financing landscape? Is there a new offering? 
  • Why is there a large pipeline at the feasibility level not securing funding? 
  • Will more mining funds look to offer both debt and equity to companies in Latin America? How much money will new mining funds look to raise? 
  • Streaming and royalties: How has this helped miners in Latin America so far and how does it compare to other types of finance? What are the success stories? What are the challenges?
  • What structures work best to retain shareholder value?
  • Are different types of financiers and investors willing to work together or will they go head to head? 

Martin Valdes, Managing Director, Head of Latin America, Resource Capital Funds
Eric Kolodner, Principal, Talex Commodities
Ignacio del Rio, Managing Partner, Mineria Activa*
Keith Spence, President and Partner, Global Mining Capital
Carlos Urquiaga, Managing Director and Americas Head, Metals and Mining Debt Financing, BNP Paribas

Innovation or evolution: How did Fruta del Norte attract both debt and equity financing?

  • Putting the pieces together: An overview of the deal from the financial advisor 
  • How did the finance team at Lundin Gold identify the debt strategy and how were the lenders chosen? 
  • Bringing together the debt with an ECA guarantee: What were some of the terms, fees and conditions that made this possible? 
  • How did the private placement help to shape and finalise the capital raising? 

Senior Executive, Shearman & Sterling

Funding Latin America’s mega mining projects: Corporate finance vs. project finance

  •  What is the pipeline across Latin America for large projects? Where are they located?
  • New financing structures offered by lenders and investors – what is appealing to CFO’s?
  • Will corporates look to use a combination of project financing with capital markets? What scenario would this make sense in? 
  • What are mining companies in Latin America wary of when it comes to making investment decisions? 
  • Developing infrastructure around mines: How does this offer access to new types of financiers?

Tim McGuire, Global Account Director, Mining, Energy and Financial Services, Export Development Canada (EDC)
Claudio Pitchon, Head of Corporate and Investment Banking, Brazil, Mizuho
Antonio Pichardo, Director, Metals and Mining Debt Financing, BNP Paribas

The future of M&A in Latin America: Who are the buyers and who are the sellers?

  • What are larger companies looking for across Latin America? Where do they see value? 
  • Exit strategies for private equity funds, what role does M&A play?
  • What have junior miners done to successful attract buyers for their assets in Latin America? 
  • What are juniors looking for? Can juniors successfully seek opportunities in other jurisdictions or are they better to focus on a core jurisdiction or region?
  • Joint venture and strategic investors: Understanding the considerations a company needs to take into account and how (and where) to find the right partner. 
  • What are bankers advising clients on both sides? 

Alan Hutchinson, Partner, Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt
Brian Maher, President, Chief Executive Officer, Director, PPX Mining Corp
Senior Executive, BNP Paribas
Senior Executive, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)

A review of successful IPOs in Latin America: Securing funding on an international and/or local exchange

  • Understanding how companies like Nexa Resources and Ero Copper successfully IPO. What did they put in place? 
  • How to structure and package an Argentine IPO or follow-on offering
  • Cost/benefit analysis: What is the real cost of IPO deal versus a private placement or capital raise? 
  • Selecting a market: Local vs. international, public vs. private equity: Where is the demand? How are local/regional deals different to international listings? 

Senior Executive, Dentons

Investor Perspectives

The changing investment landscape: Which investors are currently active or looking to invest into Latin American mining projects?

  • Why has there been a significant exodus of the retail investment away from mining? 
  • What can be done to return them to the sector? Are institutional investors fully filling the void?
  • Which funds are launching into mining and what is driving that? Which assets/commodities are hot? Which countries are interesting? 
  • How is the view from local pension funds, asset managers and insurance firms towards mining changing? 
  • High net worth and family offices in South America: How can you identify and attract them to your projects? 

Collin Kettell, Partner and Chief Executive Officer, Palisade Global Investments
Jose Martínez, Chief Investment Officer, RIMAC Seguros

What is the main criteria of local and international pension funds to deploy capital into mining?

  • Which sectors and commodities are pension funds now looking to invest into? What is driving their appetite? 
  • Understanding the criteria and parameters at pension fund investor faces, and what does the investment decision framework look like? 
  • What is the perception of opportunities across Latin America? Are certain countries “hotter” than others?

The Miner Roadshow

Showcase what makes your company and assets a worthwhile investment to the audience

Every year at the Mining & Investment Latin America Summit, Miners with projects across Latin America present to a room full of investors and bankers.

Each presenter is given 8 minutes to identify what makes their asset unique and what level of investment or funding they are looking for.

After each round, our panel of select judges from the investment community will deliver live feedback on what they liked and what they would have wanted to hear more about. Investors want to see:
1. Valuation arguments
2. Differentiation from competitors
3. Technical information or potential of resources
4. Management Story, expertise and track record in country
5. Community relationships
6. The overall goal

If you are looking to take your project to the next stage, the Miner Roadshow is the perfect opportunity to identify new potential investors and partners.


Stephen Keith, Chief Executive Officer, Americas Potash Peru
Andrew Thomson, President & Chief Executive Officer, Palamina Corp.
Dr. Bill Williams, Chief Operating Officer and Director, Zinc One Resources Inc.
Graham Carman, President, Chief Executive Officer and Director, Tinka Resources


Keith Spence, President and Partner, Global Mining Capital

Country Overviews

What is next for the Peruvian mining industry?

  • Permitting at the state and federal level: How will this evolve going in 2019?
  • An outlook on other aspects of the mining law: what should companies be preparing for?
  • How is the Government planning to make Peru the number one Copper producer globally? 
  • Investing into the mining industry: What will be done to ensure projects are developed and expanded? 
  • Does the Government have a strategy for unblocking stalled projects like Conga, Michiquillay, El Galeno, Tia Maria, Cañariaco, La Granja? 
  • How is the fallout from Lava Jato affecting the development of projects and what can the government do to alleviate that fallout? 
  • How can real progress be made in the formalization of the illegal mining industry? 

Guido del Castillo, Chief Executive Officer, Aruntani

New government, new directions, new objectives: An update on the future of Chilean mining

  • The mining law: How is this changing to encourage the development of exploration and growth of mid-tier miners? 
  • How will the approval process for EIA’s change? What is being done to make this easier to secure? 
  • What other related infrastructure requirements does the mining industry need to be successful in Chile?
  • What is the main strategy to maximise on the copper recovery? How will this help the Chilean economy? 
  • Developing the huge reserves of lithium and cobalt in Chile: What does the government want to achieve? What role, if any, will Codelco have in this development?

How will the mining projects in Argentina continue to develop and grow?

  • Legislative and regulatory changes: How is the Government looking to encourage investment, both regionally and internationally, into mining? 
  • An overview of which provinces are looking to develop mining projects: where are they and how do they differ?
  • What does the mining project pipeline in Argentina look like? Which provinces are most active? 
  • The Lithium play: How will this develop and expand? What is the current administration hoping to achieve?

Continuing the evolution of Ecuador’s metal’s sector: Challenges and opportunities ahead

  • An update on key changes to the mining law and regulations in 2018, how will the mining industry change? 
  • How will exploration projects in Ecuador continue to develop and grow? What is being put in place to support this? 
  • Incorporation of new economic policies and structural modifications to the mining Ministry: an overview

An overview of the Colombian mining industry

  • Government update: What regulatory changes are being implemented that will motivate the mining and exploration sector?
  • Post peace deal: What are the benefits and opportunities for the mining sector with peace in Colombia and how can mining be an active agent for consolidating peace?
  • Reviewing the strong pipeline of gold and copper projects advancing towards development 
  • Moving past talk and into action: What needs to happen to move stalled and delayed projects in Colombia forward?

A closer look at the opportunities in the “non-traditional” jurisdictions within the Guyana Shield

  • Guyana
  • French Guyana
  • Suriname

Community Engagement and Social Responsibility

Building partnerships and not transactions: A new approach to the ongoing challenge of community relations

  • Community Relations in Latin America: 

o What has been the general driver of conflicts and disagreements?
o Where have successes been achieved?

  • Intelligence gathering and setting the wheels in motion: What are the best practices and processes? Who are the local players you need to identify? 
  • Building alliances and finding creative solutions: How can all parties benefit? How do you bring in community stakeholders that are non-residents but are connected to the local people?
  • Creative ways to de-risking mining projects and increase your social engagement
  • Local employment and contracting best practices and risks
  • Where are governments lacking in handling and addressing CSR?
  • What are the challenges the local populations face in rural areas? Understanding this and what needs to be considered in your CSR strategy and plan.
  • The importance of transparency and clear communication: How can this build trust but also manage expectations?
  • Best practice guidelines and standards in CSR: Are they adequate or should they be re-imagined? 

Nathan Nadramija, Partner, Metis Gaia
John Price, Managing Director, Americas Market Intelligence
Erik Bethel, Alternate Executive Director, United States, World Bank Group
Andres Recalde, Director, Peruvian Canadian Chamber of Commerce
Wayne E. Mayer, Ph.D., Founder and Chief Executive Officer, When Everything Matters

A successful case study of conflict resolution/community engagement: How was it done?
• Initial engagement: The first discussions and identifying potential causes of conflict
• CSR implementation and budgeting: Budgets and resources allocated
• Working with local governments: Identifying and engaging with the local partner

The elephant in the room: Is there a case for miners attempting to work with NGO’s /Civil Society?
• How and why is Civil Society a valid stakeholder?
• Breaking the ice: How to start dialogue and build trust.
• The presence of activism. Why are some NGO’s pushing an anti-mining message and why are others trying to find middle ground? How can mining companies move Civil Society interactions from Us vs. Them to All of Us?
• Anti-corruption and transparency in mining: How are Civil Society and miners supporting each other to encourage this? What more could be done?
• What experience can NGOs bring in terms of organisation, communication, and resource mobilisation skills? The case for joint action.
• How can miners and NGOs jointly acknowledge the positive benefits of job creation, tax incentives, environmental management, and social infrastructure?
Thomas Kelly, President and Chief Executive Officer, Andes Colorado Corp

Sustainability Workshop: Learn how to leverage Sustainability to innovate, create value, and drive profitability.
• An overview of Embedded Sustainability, Outside-the-Fence Management, and the power of Renewable Energy.
• A review of Sustainable Development, Corporate Social Responsibility, and opportunities to unite the two in ways that reduce costs, minimize risks, and create value for shareholders and stakeholders.
• How can mining companies integrate Sustainability into their DNA, decision-making, and operations? Why is it good for business?
• How might mining companies build alliances and exercise influence Outside the Fence, to get more work done through external organizations? How does this create value for mining companies (and minimize risks for investors)?
• What are the trends in both utility-scale renewable energy and community-level renewable energy and how do those trends create
Wayne E. Mayer, Ph.D., Founder and Chief Executive Officer, When Everything Matters

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