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2017 Agenda

Connect with Kenya's business leaders

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2017 Agenda

08:00   Registration and networking


08:55 Chairperson’s opening remarks


09:00  Central Bank of Kenya Update: Ongoing Developments to Strengthen and Deepen the Debt Markets

John Birech, Ag. Director of Financial Markets, Central Bank of Kenya


09:15   A macroeconomic overview: How is Kenya’s economy performing? What is the economic outlook for the next 12 months?

  • US Federal Reserve, dollar liquidity and Brexit: how are the external macroeconomic factors impacting the capital flows into Kenya?
  • GDP, Interest Rate, Inflation, CPI: How will these indices affect Kenyan economic growth?

Allen Dennis, Senior Economist, World Bank Group


09:35 Bonds vs. loans: How are Kenyan borrowers financing growth and capex? 

  • How are borrowers accessing credit? Which financial structures are they using?
  • What are the impacts of the new interest-cap law on companies’ capital raising activities? 
  • Bonds vs. loans, local vs. offshore markets: Which markets are open? What are the cost of funds in each? 
  • What are the prospects for SMEs looking to raise debt finance? Have the new interest-cap impacted their prospects positively or negatively?

John Kinyua, Chief Internal Auditor, Kenya Power Lighting Company

Vincent Opiyo, Head of Finance Operations, Safaricom Limited

Peter Nganga, Director Treasury, HF Group Limited

Sanaa Tabani, Director Loan Syndications Africa, Standard Chartered Bank

Bradley Smith, Investment Manager, CDC Group

Moderator: Stephen Lovell, Head of Diversified Lending and Leverage (East Africa), Stanbic Bank


10:30  Networking and coffee


11:00  What regulatory and legislative initiatives are being introduced to promote the local debt markets? How are they going to impact borrowers and bond issuers?

  • What regulations are put in place to protect investors in case of crediting defaulting?
  • Repo market reforms: What are the regulations available for domestic repo market to be privately guaranteed? Which regulatory framework enables a cross-currency repo transactions to be successful? 
  • OTC trading reforms: What progress has been made in the legislative changes for the OTC market? Is there a new trend coming ahead?
  • How are the new regulations being introduced in both repo and OTC market that will help increase the liquidity in the secondary market? Are there other regulatory amendments coming ahead?

Nzomo Mutuku, Acting Chief Executive Officer, Retirement Benefits Authority

Luke Ombara, Director of Regulatory Policy and Strategy, Capital Markets Authority

Nicholas Malaki, Senior Vice President, Chief Investment Officer, Sanlam Investment East Africa

Elizabeth N. Nkukuu, Senior Partner and Chief Investments Officer, Cytonn Investments

Moderator: Christopher Grune, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Barani Capital


11:45  Bank consolidations and boosting bank core capital: The driver of Kenyan capital markets

  • Consolidating Kenya’s bank and insurance sectors: How much capital is required? Where will/can it be raised?
  • Which banks will boost capital adequacy ratios? Will they sell equity or issue hybrid bonds? 
  • What is the future of smaller banks and insurance companies in Kenya? What are their options? 
  • How does the new Insolvency Receivership Act work? How does the new law impact bank bond issuance?
  • How have the new interest-cap law impacted the way banks manage their assets and liabilities?

Habil Olaka, Chief Executive Officer, Kenya Bankers Association

Mahin Dissanayake, Director, EMEA Financial Institutions, Fitch Ratings

George Bodo, Head, Banking Research, Ecobank Capital

Maurice Oduor, Investment Manager, Cytonn Investments

Moderator: Linet Muriungi, Head of Research, Dyer & Blair Investment Bank


12:30  Networking and lunch 


13:40  Demystifying the international bond market: How to successfully launch and close a deal

  • Defining a successful transaction for issuers, investors, arrangers and brokers: What are the criteria for a successful international bond transaction?
  • How can issuers tap into the international bond market? What are the legal frames and financial strategy necessary for an international bond to be issued? How is it different from a local bond?
  • What are the requirements of international investors? What is expected from issuers tapping into the international bond market?

Felister Kivisi, Director, Debt Management, National Treasury, Kenya

Kumeshen Naidoo, Head, Debt Capital Markets, Corporate and Investment Bank, Barclays

Wegoki Mugeni, Head, Debt Capital Markets East Africa, Standard Bank

Fabrice Toka, Senior Director and Head, Sub-Saharan Africa Business and Relationship Management, Fitch Ratings

Moderator: George Bodo, Head, Banking Research, Ecobank Capital


14:20  Sukuk 101: Understanding the requirements, processes and benefits of tapping into this market

  • What is the market outlook for Sukuk and corporate Islamic financial products?  
  • What regulatory and legislative framework will enable Sukuk issuance? How do they differ from conventional bonds and how is the market being prepared for this?
  • Who are the investors buying Sukuk? What are their criteria and what makes them different from the plain vanilla investors? 
  • In what pricing can Sukuk be secured? What is the financial structure involved? What is the smallest size of deal to make a sukuk economically advantageous?
  • Issuing in dollar denominated vs. local currency: Which one serves best? 

Abdalla Abdulkhalik, Managing Director, Gulf African Bank Ltd

Luke Ombara, Director of Regulatory Policy and Strategy, Capital Markets Authority

Nelson Nyongesa, Manager, Internal Audit and Risk, Sacco Societies Regulatory Authority and Member, Islamic Finance Project Management Office

Moderator: Ahsan Ali, Managing Director and Global Head of Islamic Origination, Standard Chartered


15:00  Networking and coffee


15:30  Diversifying portfolios and opening the door to new investment opportunities:

What are the steps to issue Kenya’s first green bond?

  • Green bonds vs. vanilla bonds: What are the differences? Why is Kenya well suited to bring green bond forward and succeed? Which are the legal structures needed to achieve that?
  • How can green bond issuance open new investment gateways? Where is the investment supply coming from? How liquid is the green bond market in Africa?
  • Structure and pricing: How much more are the structuring and legal fees to issuing green bonds? What are the length of the maturities? 
  • How can risks and returns be quantified? What are the sweet spots?
  • How will the “Kenya Green Bond Programme” give support to build a local green bond market in Kenya? What are the programme’s aims?

Nuru Mugambi, Director of Communications and Public Affairs, Kenya Bankers Association

Leonard Mathu, Executive Director, Lion’s Head Global Partners

Rogito Nyangeri, Head of Strategy and Research, Nairobi Securities Exchange

Moderator: Vimal Parmar, Capital Markets Development Specialist, FSD Africa


16:10  Financing Kenya’s infrastructure and energy sectors: What projects are in the pipeline and how are they going to be financed?

  • How are the long-term projects being funded in Kenya? What are the different financial structures in place? What new products, structures and enhancements can be used?
  • What comes next in the governmental agenda? What still needs to be done? What are the obstacles to reach financial closure?
  • What are the opportunities around PPP and how can the private sector get involved?
  • What are the guarantees given by the government and insurance companies so that the utilities can pay back the developers?

Khilna Dohdia, Chief Executive Officer, Kenergy

Gabriel Negatu, Director General Eastern Africa Regional Center, African Development Bank

John Mudany, Finance & ICT Director, Kenya Electricity Generating Company Ltd

John Lentaigne, Chief Underwriting Officer, African Trade Insurance Agency

Suresh Samuel, Managing Director, Africa, Overseas Private Investment Corporation

Moderator: Eugene Obiero, Senior Manager Energy Projects, Camco Clean Energy

17:00  Chairperson’s closing remarks and close of event

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