Nomination process

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Nomination process

Borrowers, Issuers, their Arranging Banks and/or any advisors can submit nominations. Deals submitted must be closed between 1st October 2017 and 31st October 2018. The borrower/issuer must be based in Latin America.  The winning Borrower/Issuer for each category will be the winner of the Bonds & Loans Latin America Deal of the Year.


  • Sovereign Bond Deal of the Year
  • Financial Institutions Bond Deal of the Year
  • Investment Grade Bond Deal of the Year
  • Sub-Investment Grade Bond Deal of the Year
  • Structured Bond Deal of the Year
  • Niche market Bond Deal of the Year
  • Syndicated Loan Deal of the Year
  • Leveraged Finance Deal of the Year
  • Project Finance Deal of the Year
  • Structured Loan Deal of the Year


Step 1. Download a copy of the deal submission form in either Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, or PDF format below.

Step 2. For each transaction you wish to nominate, complete one deal submission form and provide as much detail on the transaction being nominated as possible (see deal submission form for specific questions/data point requests). For any aspect/data points requested on the form that are irrelevant for your deal(s) given its structure or format, please mark ‘N/A’ next to them.

Step 3. Once you have completed your deal submission form, please email a copy to LatamAwards@GFCMediaGroup.com. A member of the team will confirm receipt of the form(s) within 72 hours of submission.


  • The Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, and PDF deal nomination forms all request the same data/details, and are provided purely for convenience/compatibility reasons. Please do not fill out multiple templates in different formats for the same transaction
  • You may nominate as many deals as you wish, however, the same deal may only be nominated in a maximum of 2 categories
  • If you are nominating the same transaction for multiple categories, please make sure to specify this at the outset of the submission form before submitting it/them to GFC Media Group
  • Please make sure to include relevant contacts at the Issuer/Borrower, Lead Managers/Bookrunners, and Investors involved with the transaction so the team can gain a 360-degree view of nominated transactions and better assess their merit

DEADLINE FOR NOMINATING DEALS: All nominations and related documentation must be submitted before 6PM UK time on 30 November, 2018

Bonds and Loans case study template (Microsoft PowerPoint)


Bonds and Loans case study template (Microsoft Word)


Bonds and Loans case study template (PDF)


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