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2017 Agenda

Over 50 experts speakers * Keynote address from the Colombian Central Bank * 380 senior decision makers

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2017 Agenda

Day 1: Tuesday 28th February 2017


08.00   Registration and coffee

08.50   Chairman’s opening remarks 

Andres Uribe, CEO, Andean Community, HSBC

09.00   Keynote address: Inflation, monetary policy and interest rates – Uncovering the Colombian Central Bank’s strategies for 2017

  • What can be expected from inflation rates in the next 12 months, and how does this compare to 2016?
  • Monetary policy responses to macroeconomic volatilities: How will the Central Bank respond to commodity price fluctuations?
  • Interest rate projections for 2017 – how will this compare to 2016?

Juan Jose Echavarría, President, Central Bank, Republic of Colombia

 09.30   Keynote address: Peru’s strategy to finance GDP growth and infrastructure investments in the capital markets

  • How does the Ministry view Peruvian growth over the coming years? What strategies will the government put in place to stimulate this growth?
  • Capital markets strategy: Will the government look to take advantage of capital raising opportunities in the current low interest rate environment? How much of the funds required will be from international markets?
  • How is the government planning to develop local markets and boost PEN liquidity?

José Olivares, Director, Directorate of Financial Markets Management, General Directorate of Debt and Public Treasury, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Peru 

10.00   Peace negotiations, US elections and FDI: What is next for the Andean region?

  • What impact did the rejection of the peace deal have on investor sentiment for Colombia?
  • How will Colombian public debt be impacted by the peace negotiations, and what are the fiscal implications?
  • Understanding the short and long-term impacts of the US presidential election on the Andean region?
  • Back to basics: bonds vs. loans, local vs. international markets – Given recent global market volatilities and geopolitical shifts, what financing options will now be most appealing?

John Price, Managing Director, Americas Market Intelligence

 10.30   Coffee and networking 

11.10   Andean Bankers Roundtable: Banking Colombia, Peru and Chile

  • How are global market volatilities impacting banking financing options and strategies in 2017?
  • How is volatility in global commodity market affecting relationships with corporate issuers and borrowers?
  • Do alternative funding options such a hybrid bonds offer additional advantages over traditional financing options given the current market climate?

Eduardo Gomez de la Torre, Regional Head of Corporate Finance, Credicorp Capital

Pablo Muñoz, Director, Grupo Bancolombia

Juan Cristobal Peralta, Head of Debt Capital Markets, Banco de Chile

Juan Carlos Álvarez, Vicepresident, Investment Bank, Colombia, Grupo Santander 

Javier Richard Cook, Managing Director, Syndications, MUFG

Moderated by: Kristie Pellecchia, Executive Director, Head of Loan Syndications for Latin America and US Corporates, SMBC 

12.10   How growth companies and mid-tier corporates can develop lending relationships with international banks and institutional investors

  • How are growth companies using debt capital to finance their operations?
  • What are the steps companies need to take to establish relationships with new banks?
  • Are Colombian pension funds able and willing to lend to growth companies?  Where do pension funds and institutional investors see opportunities to lend to the second tier?

Santiago Giraldo López, Deputy Chief Financial Officer, Tecnoglass

Pedro Miguel Flórez Alvarado, Chief Investment Manager, Allianz Colombia

Juan Manuel Rodriguez, Director, Corporate Finance, SMBC Colombia

Moderated by: Carlos Vargas, Managing Director, Latin America Debt Capital Markets, Mizuho Americas 

13.10   Networking lunch hosted by Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP 

14.45   Boosting secondary bond market liquidity in Peru, Colombia and Chile: Government initiatives and market-maker innovation

  • Government initiatives to further develop secondary bond markets: What has been achieved? What is to come?
  • How has the regulatory approval process of trading on the secondary bond market been simplified and streamlined?
  • What has the impact of the new approval process been on allowing corporates better-access to long-term debt financing?
  • Sharing knowledge: How can Peruvian traders use experience in Colombia to develop a secondary market for corporate bonds? 

German R. Verdugo R., Director of Investment, Credicorp Capital Colombia

Natalia Hernandez, Portfolio Manager, Global Seguros de Vida SA

Leonardo Mila Torres, Head of Strategy, Vice President Investments, Porvenir

Juan Cristobal Peralta, Head of Debt Capital Markets, Banco de Chile

María del Pilar Galindo Vergara, Subdirectora de Desarrollo de Mercados, Unidad de Regulación Financiera, Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, Colombia 

Moderated by: Juan Sebastian Restrepo, Portfolio Manager, Old Mutual 

15.45   Latin America and beyond: How are Andean companies financing their business expansion outside their home markets?

  • Expansion by acquisition: How are inter-regional cross-border acquisitions being financed?
  • Inter/intra-regional financing: Accessing local capital – who has done it?
  • Assessing the continent – which countries have been a more active investment destination for Andean companies and why?
  • Successful case studies of inter-regional activity: How was this done?
  • A closer look at MILA, and why this is so pivotal in process of issuer expansion: What efforts are being made to further integrate the stock exchanges?
  • International investor perspective: What structural features of these multinational companies are attractive to foreign investors? Which industries are proving most popular?

Carlos Alberto Rodriguez Lopez, Chief Financial Officer, ISA

Alejandro Zuluaga, Head of Corporate Finance, Grupo Argos

Felipe Castilla, Chief Financial Officer, Empresa de Energía de Bogotá

Jack Deino, Director, Emerging Markets Debt, Blackrock

Moderated by: Rodrigo Garcia de León, Director, Loan Syndications Americas, HSBC 

16.45   COP to USD and back to COP: How are changing regulations impacting corporate and banking financing strategies?

  • How is the USD/COP currency mis-match (and limited availability of hedging products) affecting market liquidity and financing options?
  • Are issuers looking to incorporate derivatives into their long-term financing strategies? What types of products and solutions are being incorporated into capital and funding models?

Indira Diaz, Treasury Director, Cementos Argos

Alejandro Porras, Director, Corporate Treasury, Ecopetrol

Antonio Angarita, Chief Financial Officer, Transportadora de Gas Internacional (TGI) 

Jose Maria Leal, Head of Sales and Structuring, Global Capital Markets Colombia, BBVA

José Manuel Suárez Jiménez, Director Ventas, Distribución y Soluciones de Riesgo, Colpatria – Scotiabank

Moderated by: María Carolina Barón, Directora Sector Corporativo y Público, BRC S&P Global 

17.45   Chairman’s closing remarks followed by cocktail reception hosted by Mizuho Americas 


Day 2: Wednesday 1st March 2017


08.20   Registration and coffee 

08.50   Chairman’s opening remarks 

Rodrigo Garcia de León, Director, Loan Syndications Americas, HSBC 

09.00   Keynote address: Understanding the role of FDN in financing the 4G programme – What further steps need to be taken in the next 12 months?

  • Which projects will be taking priority in 2017?
  • How is FDN looking to secure increased financing both locally and internally?

Clemente del Valle, President, Financiera de Desarrollo Nacional (FDN) 

09.30   Keynote address: 4G programme – where are we now? How will the second and third wave of projects play out?

  • Which projects will be coming online in the next 12 months, and which are expected to reach financial close in 2017?
  • How will the process of closing 4G financing be improved for the next wave of projects?

Luis Fernando Andrade, President, Agencia Nacional de Infraestructura (ANI) 

10.00   Partnering with international developers and institutional investors: How Colombian constructors can free up capacity to complete 4G Projects

  • How are Colombian construction companies with large commitments to 4G planning to free-up balance sheets?
  • What is the appetite for international developers and investors to partner with Colombian companies to deliver 4G projects? 
  • What expertise and support can international developers, sponsors and investors offer Colombian 4G developers?
  • Can the introduction of REITs free up capacity for Colombian construction companies? How do REITs work? 
  • How are ratings actions putting greater pressure on Colombian developers and construction firms?

José Miguel Lyon, Structured Finance, Vinci Concessions

Pablo Arroyave, Chief Financial Officer, Grupo Odinsa

Natalia O’Byrne, Senior Director, Corporates, Colombia, Fitch Ratings

Ivan Montoya, Head of Corporate Finance and Restructuring, Colombia, Deloitte 

Moderated by: Peter A. Baumgaertner, Partner, Head of Latin America, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP 

10.45   Coffee and networking 

11.15   Financing projects through Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs): The key to unlocking private investment

  • Case studies: What do Colombian PPPs look like? How have they successfully attracted private investment into projects?
  • Drivers of demand: Why the next wave of projects will be financed through PPPs
  • Clarification of risks: How has high inflation and interest rates put pressure on the financial closing of PPP projects?

Miguel Angel Gomez Lopez, Deputy Director of Public Private Partnerships, Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, Colombia

Eduardo Holgado, Vice President, Project Finance, Citi

Jack Deino, Director, Emerging Markets Debt, Blackrock

Rob Pilkington, Infrastructure Specialist, Global Infrastructure Facility - World Bank Group

Moderated by: Nicolai Sarad, Partner, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP 

12.00   Are ECAs and multilaterals the new power-players of the Andean project finance market?

  • How much liquidity are ECAs and multilaterals able to deploy in Peru and Colombia?
  • Project, sector, geography, credit quality: What types of projects are ECAs and multilaterals looking to support?  Under what criteria do ECAs select which projects to be involved?
  • A move away from bank financing: Why ECAs are become increasingly important, especially regarding 4G programme, with regards to the heavy exposure that banks now have there?
  • How do ECAs and international banks partner-up on deals?  What market conditions need to be met?

Gustavo Galvis, Chief Representative, Andean Region and Central America, Export Development Canada

Miguel Toledo, Principal Investment Officer, Head of Infrastructure, Andean Region, International Finance Corporation (IFC) 

Olga de Narvaez, Lead Investment Officer, Inter-American Investment Corporation

Moderated by: Andres Marquez, Director, Financial Institutions, Fitch Ratings 

12.45   International banks and 4G: Why a capital markets strategy to refinancing a mini-perm is essential to attracting international bank participation

  • Why the mini-perm structure works for international banks looking to participate in financing 4G projects
  • Refinancing risk: Why a mini-perm needs to be followed-up with a long-term financing strategy

Ralph Scholtz, Managing Director, Project Finance, Investment Banking & Markets, MUFG

Raphael Dumas, Director, Infrastructure Real Estate Group, Americas, HSBC

Sara Pirzada, Managing Director, Syndicated Finance Mizuho Americas

Moderated by: David Gonzalez, Executive Director and Head of Infrastructure, Project Finance, SMBC 

13.30   Networking lunch hosted by Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP 

14.45  After 4G: How to finance social infrastructure in Colombia

  • What social infrastructure projects are planned in Colombia in the next 12-24 months? 
  • How will these projects be financed? Are social infrastructure projects financed differently from physical infrastructure projects?
  • What lessons can be learnt from 4G and applied to the development of social infrastructure projects?
  • Making social infrastructure projects bankable: What are the key ingredients for high quality deals?

Gláucia Calp, Managing Director, Regional Group Head – Latin America, Global Infrastructure and Project Finance, Fitch Ratings 

15.15  Financing 4G in COP: How the newly formed infrastructure debt funds will plug the COP funding gap

  • How infrastructure debt funds are mobilising institutional money and investment to finance the 4G programme
  • Understanding the liquidity squeeze: Scale of funding required, Colombian bank credit/exposure limits, and COP liquidity evaluated
  • How infrastructure debt funds are combining forces with local banks, FIs and governments, to complete 4G project financings

Mario Dib, Managing Director, Unión para la Infraestructura

Laura Ramirez, Investment Banking Associate, Goldman Sachs & Co.

Camilo Marulanda, President, Ashmore CAF Management Company

Moderated by: Carlos Fradique-Méndez, Partner, Brigard & Urrutia 

16.00  Structuring, packaging and selling a first-of-a-kind infrastructure bond

  • Why issue, how to issue, and who to sell it to: Infrastructure bond 101
  • How is the infrastructure bond structured to attract institutional investors into infrastructure projects?
  • How can infrastructure bonds open up the 4G programme to international banks?

Clemente del Valle, President, Financiera de Desarrollo Nacional (FDN) 

Wilfried Marchand, Executive Director, DCM Energy and Infrastructure, SMBC

John Greenwood, Managing Director, Investment Banking, Goldman Sachs & Co.

Moderated by: Adrián Garza Patiño, Vice President – Senior Analyst, Global Project Finance and Infrastructure Group, Moody’s 

16.45   The power of green: Why sustainable finance and renewable projects are the next big thing in Colombia

  • Bank CSR programmes, tax incentives and demand for renewable energy: A look at the drivers of green and sustainable financing
  • What are green bonds?  How do they work?
  • Initiatives to manage climate change: What more will governments locally, regionally and globally do to promote green and sustainable financing?
  • What changes are required within the Colombian regulatory framework in order to incentivise investment into this sector?

Carlo Bongianni, Vice President, Origination and Financing, Financiera de Desarrollo Nacional (FDN)

Ivan Oliveros, Head of Power and Renewables, Project Finance, SMBC

Luis Ignacio Gomez Moncada, Vicepresidente, Estructuración Mercado de Capitales, <b>Banca de Inversión Bancolombia<br /></b>

Carlos Diaz de la Garza, Vice President – Relationship Manager, Moody’s 

Ignacio Iribarren, Principal Investment Officer Infrastructure and Energy, International Finance Corporation (IFC) 

Moderated by: Loren Moss, Editor, Finance Colombia 

17.15   Chairman’s closing remarks and close of conference


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